Thursday, July 23, 2015


I am beyond happy w/ the way my life is going right now. I have control over how I handle things and situations and I could not be more blessed w/ the situations that I am in. Don't get me wrong, definitely still have trials, but it is completely up to me how I decide to react to everything. LIfe is such a spectacular thing and I take it for granted. So much that I am blessed with I over look and don't realize how big of a blessing it really is. Such as having my own car. My poor PT hit the dust a couple of weeks ago and I had to put so much of MY OWN money into it until we decided it wasn't worth it. It was beyond frustrating paying so much money for things that didn't even fix my baby. But that is just it, its just money and there was nothing that I could do to change it. Plus hey, now I get to drive my dads nice car around until he finds me a new one!! It really works out and was well worth the dough. 
I made a new friend! Now I have been acquaintances w/ my good pal Ab since I moved here but we just never hung out! Good 'ol singles ward started our friendship and I will be forever grateful for those awkward few hours every sunday that was able to introduce me to one of my favorite people. I love the ever ending possibilities of people coming and going into and out of your life. I was definitely supposed to become BFFs w/ Ab. Completely thankful for her stories, outgoing nature, lack of selfie taking abilities(hahahah), and laugh until I almost cry stories. S/O to making friends that you need when you need them. 
Boys. Who needs 'em. I think the reason why I have had such a terrific summer so far is because I haven't had this image of the perfect summer fling planned out. I actually make things happen and hang out with people that I feel comfortable around. It makes everything so much more enjoyable when I go out and make things happen. I could not be any less scared of making plans and following through with them. Actually putting myself out there and doing things outside of my comfort zone has been such a blessing. & obviously my "dream boy" w/ come flolicking around sooner or later. But in the mean time I am living up my last summer at home.
BYU IDAHO. "Oh I went there when it was Ricks!" Every adult that has ever asked me what college I am going to. I could honestly not be more excited to start my new adventures in a different state. I don't even move in until a few weeks after everyone else, and it may seem weird now but I know that I am suppose to be home for that time longer. It is not on my time scale, but the Lords, and you never know what may happen in the mean time! 
I am thankful for life. The opportunities that come and the people that go. I am so lucky to have lived in such a great place and have a job so close to home. I have learned and been pushed past my comfort zone only the whole time living here. I am so sad/ anxious to leave one of the most beautiful, calming places that I have had the opportunity to call home. Don't take anything or anyone for granted and just LIVE NOW. I love summer. I love you. Wait what. 
Have the best rest of the week and don't forget that you are something else. 
much love. 

Monday, July 20, 2015

Just Because

I am so grateful.

 Because I have a place to call home and cats to bond w/ when I am in the mood. Because I have a family and people who I can go to. Because Bon Iver Pandora radio station is a thing. Because there are friendly people that smile, and compliment and make earth a better place for no reason at all. Because I moved to a small town that forever changed my outlook on life. Because children are the greatest things that make even the most simple things seem explicit. Because snow cones in the summer and rodeos w/ dang hot cowboys. Because I can be forgiven of my sins and transgressions. Because you can always buy new chapstick, no matter how many times and tubes you have lost. Because airplanes are a thing and you are completely capable to travel where ever whenever. Because there are gifted people who share their talents. Because pictures are so easy to take. Because missionaries are allowed to email on Mondays to start my week off right. Because basketball boys. Because people are so different and can vary in a million ways. Because spell check is always there to help a girl out. (didn't almost spell girl, "gurl".) Because sunsets behind mountains every night. Because FRIENDS is on Netflix. Because I am able to increase my talents and abilities. Because fuzzy socks. Because there is nothing better than ice cold water after not having it accessible. Because I was able to maintain a 4.0 GPA all throughout high school. Because there are hot returned missionaries that show up to Singles Ward on a day you didn't want to go 100%. Because meeting new people could change your life. Because sleepovers and bonding, getting able to know the best kind of people even better. Because I can choose and have only a million different choices yet to come. Because I have the ability to write down my thoughts and think what I want. Because I live across the street from my best friend. Because I can go buy an icecream cone. Because I have a wrap around porch where I can sit and watch the cars pass by. Because I can read and enjoy the small town library at the table behind the rows of books. Because people recognize my PT Cruiser that I got from a cute old lady when I turned sixteen. Because I have been able to struggle, and learn, and grow for myself.

There is so much out there and I am ecstatic. I can not even begin to tell you how much I have loved and appreciated living where I have lived and meeting who I have met. I know that our Heavenly Father puts us in situations and possitions that push us and try us and make us become the people that we are meant to become. I know that He has a plan for me and because of that I have no need to fear. There is so much to be grateful for and just because you had a bad day does not mean that you're doomed for the rest of your life. He knows you, personally, better than any list you could ever come up w/ about yourself. It is so comforting to know that I have someone cheering me on the whole way. That no matter how hard I struggle or how tempted I am that He is absolutely, 1000% on my side. I am grateful for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, because I know that everything will work out.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy Happy Happy Happy Girl

I am so so so grateful for this life and for all of the numerous opportunities and friends and places that come into my life. What would I do if I never met Abigail? Or if I didn't live across the street from Mariah and Jana and Patti and Shane?!? I think that everything happens for a reason. How cliche is that? But it is so so true. Whether it is to help me grow or to make me learn a lesson, I need experiences and people in my life for one reason or another. Let me make a list for you, because lists make everything better. 

1. Smiling. IT IS SO UNDERRATED. Please don't forget how cool it is to smile at people that you will never see again. You have absolutely nothing to lose. 

2. Donuts. Momma Cry Cry hooked me up this morning and I could not be more content or ready to take on the world after that chocolate fourth of july sprinkled covered piece of heaven. Go bring your friend a donut, it will make there good day great.

3. Pandora. There is almost nothing better than when you find a good pandora station filled w/ songs that you don't know yet are completely content with. Aka the Bon Iver radio station.

4. Car rides. Took a bonding trip around town w/ my dog, see picture, and it was great. It is so overlooked, bonding & dogs & car rides. Definitely something that will be happening more often. 

5. GOOD FRIENDS. I have been able to make new friends and greater establish and build old friendships. I am so sure that I am suppose to have these people in my life for a reason. There is just something so great about knowing that you have cool people w/ good vibes in your life. 

6. Naps. How old/young does that make me sound? Don't know what my sleeping schedule would do w/o a nap or five thrown in the mix. 

7. Lightening. While at the drive ins w/ a cute boy & good friends & food. There is just something about watching a disney movie w/ sparks flying and thunder in the background. 

8. Climbing. SO SO SO HARD. It has been two days since my first time climbing and I'm still sore. So obviously need to work on that. But it is the coolest feeling in the world, plus you are surrounded by hot way strong older boys. Double whammy. 

9. Netflix. Lets be honest. Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, The Office, you name it and I probably started it and haven't finished all seasons. 

10. Trees. I am so lucky to have lived where I do for as long as I have and be surrounded by nothing but nature. In love w/ trees and everything that they symbolize. 

Don't forget to have a great day & remember to do your best and be your best. 


Thursday, May 7, 2015


1. If all of our families wouldn't have moved when they did then my entire high school experience would have been entirely different. So so so thankful for the example and inspirations that these girls are to me.
2. Sometimes it is okay to take pictures for an hour instead of doing homework, because I guarantee that you won't remember the assignment that you did a month ago.
3. temples trips and farrs is the perfect combination to end a hard week.
4. Having friends that you can bond w/ & laugh w/ are the greatest things.
5. No matter where we go in life or where we end up we will always be the three new girls who ended up being the three best friends.
So thankful for the trials that I have in my life and the people that they lead me to. Everything is happening so fast and I will be out of here in 126 days, so here is to an unforgettable summer and a billion pointless/fantastic memories with my favorite soon to be seniors.

seventeen year old, eighteen in 21 days,

Monday, April 6, 2015


17. I love kids. That sounds clique and something that everyone says, but honestly. I get along better with youngins and they don't intimidate me. I think that I like my friends siblings more than I actually like them. Lol, kidding, but its definitely a close call. I would rather jump on the tramp with my nephews then stay inside chatting with people that I wont talk to again in years. I volunteer at the elementary school, and being around those little fourth graders is the highlight of my week. Don't know what I would do if there weren't little people to make the world go round. 

16. My nails are always painted. Always. I think that my bare nails are the ugliest things. Even just having chipped fingernail polish on is better than nothing. AHH gel nails though. Hands down best/ favorite thing. They are heaven sent. Especially friends who do them for me. Love. 

15. I am indecisive. I will put in a movie and get through two previews before I decide that I no longer want to watch the movie. I am not one to make decisions when it comes to where to eat or what to do. Even when its narrowed down, it really takes a lot for me to have the final say with decisions. Deciding which college to attend, oh man. Don't even get me started. I would rather have people choose those simple, everyday things. 

14. My hair is ridiculously curly. Naturally. I have the biggest love/hate relationship with my hair and I find myself wanting to chop it about 4 times a day. There is nothing more messy or a necessity than long locks of frizz. <3 <3

13. Drives. I love everything about going on a drive. It is my go to whenever I am overwhelmed, stressed out, sad, bored, I go on a drive. Lately just being by myself, blasting mixed cds, and taking pictures (don't worry I'm super safe about it, lol.) is something that I depend on. Following the familiar roads where I know that I don't have to worry about traffic is the greatest. It is so comforting just being by myself in my cute PT. 

12. I sing. Not well, but often. It is such a struggle for me not to sing along to the radio no matter who I am with. So I just freaking sing the dang song because you know that I have every word memorized. Or else I fake it until I can pick up the gist and run with it. 

11. I am obsessed with social media. It is so unhealthy. I need a life. Lol. Kidding, but definitely something that I need to work on not being so attached to. 

10. Wear-er of all things funky. Literally get the, "Oh, I wish I could pull those off" type of comments all the time. Lol. I mean the whole comfy look is definitely what I cherish most my senior year of attire. Whether its overalls, chunky headbands, cheetah/ pj like pants, I probably own it and wear it with no shame at all. 

9.Can't get over laughing pictures. There is just something so great about the joy felt from looking through old pics where people are just laughing. I could not be more obsessed with a sound, or lack of, when someone is laughing so hard and genuinely. Also huge fan of weird, unusual patterned tights. Love love love. 

8. Outdoors. Camping, boating, fishing (tanning/ napping while others fish), four wheeling, I love it all. Huge fan of being outside and getting tan. It is so nice getting away from it all if only for a couple hours. I have been so in love with everything nature lately, and realizing that I live in the most beautiful place. Don't know what I would do without mountains and pictures to remember that I am truly blessed. 

7. Huge fan of getting letters in the mail. Or like books. Packages/ flowers would do too. Lol. But really. Getting home from a rough day to a letter is the biggest pick me up. Maybe that's something that I should start doing. Writing letters to people that mean a lot to me. GENIOUS. I mean do unto others what you want done unto you, right?! hehehe. Or something like that. 

6. Lover of braids, reading in the hot tub, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, trees, grasshopper shacks, water, sleepovers, talking on the phone, naps, pina colada Slurpees, spell check, chapstick, traveling, Netflix, selfies, people, & this beautiful life I get the opportunity to live. 

5. Twitter & instagram: brynalbert 
I mean I know that I will be wanting to look up what I posted too. Hahah. Plus I think that I have the sweetest insta pics and I could always use more followers/friends. 

4. Eater of Chick-fil-a and lover of bonding. I can not tell you how much I love not only the word "bond" but the act of actually getting to know a person better than I did originally. Plus I am always down to get some nuggets and fries from my favorite fast food. Lets go on a drive, bond, and get some food while we are at it. 

3. Believer and follower of the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I may not show it all the time, but I really do have a testimony of the gospel. It has been there as a constant source of comfort and blessings know matter where I am in my life. I can not tell you how grateful I am to be a part of something SO GREAT. It is such a blessing to know that there is a plan for me and that He knows who I am and what I go through. check it out if you want to learn more. 

2. I want to make a difference. More than anything, I want to have a positive influence on someone's life each day. I just want to be a good person that people can look up to and know that no matter what is there to be an example. I want to help out and be someone that others can admire. 

1. My name is Brynlee, Bryn, Dinney, Mayzer, Din, B, Brynlee May. I am so excited for this great adventure that this beautiful life has to offer. Thank you, thank you, thank you for reading. 

Much love,
your home girl, Bryn

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pictures are a necessity

Going on drives, screaming out song lyrics, while bawling is the best remedy to every fight, hard day, boredom, and simple not having anything better to do. 
I will never get tired of trees without leaves, mountains with snow, and sunsets that are lemonade yellow/gold. 

I love those three lines. Consistent and always in the way one my pictures. Three telephone lines that could be symbolic of so many things if I just cared. I want to live a life that is full of telephone lines. As a reminder of what I have overcome and even though we all have trials, when you make the best of them they complete the picture. 

I will absolutely never get tired of seeing "harmless" deer just doing their thing while I am doing mine. Often times I get to see deer just behind the fence w/ their cute little gang wandering the mountains that I get to call home. I was actually outside about to take pictures of myself, "selfies", when I saw this little guy. He/ she takes better half face pics than I could ever imagine for myself. Lol. I love where I live and the things that I am open to when living in the middle of no where.

Rearview mirrors are so great. I think its okay to look back and realize how your life was at one point. Because it was apart of you and it shaped you and made you into who you are today. But you can't go back. Things won't be the same, and thats the beauty of it. Life moves on with or without you. Its your choice, ya feel? 
I will never get bored of Mountains and trees and the lack of yellow paint this street holds. 

Things I will never tell you

I love being alone. I can, and often times do, sit in the hot tub for hours just reading and not worrying about everything that I should be doing.

I hate going inside fast food. I don't know why but I can't stand just going out, eating food, and being out in the open for everyone to see me and judge me eating my food. It's not with everyone, all the time though. Mostly with the fam, like I would rather just get the food and go. Not sit and rush everything so I could get out of the awkward situation. Weird.

I love card games. Mostly because I can and do whoop TRASH. I mean its fun playing people who are good at the games as well, which makes it twelve times better when I win. Definitely not competitive or prideful at all.

I do not open up to people. Everyone has their own problems and I feel anything but comfortable burdening people with my pointless, daily, crap.

I get shot gun. Always. It is an unwritten rule. It is where I belong and it is where I will always sit. I mean I won't be a dirt bag if someone sits there but just don't.

I beat myself up with everything. Not physically, emotionally, or mentally. But like crying. LOL. I have such high expectations for myself that it is not possible for me to be satisfied. I can always do better, and when I don't give 110% I don't forget it. It pushes me to be the best.

My family is a mess.

I hate driving. It gives me anxiety and I would much rather be in the passenger seat taking pictures that no one will ever see. Jamming to good tunes and just bonding about the most pointless things. I live for bonding.

If you drink the water bottles that I put in the fridge and don't fill them up than I will find you and make you fill it up. That is the absolute worst part of loving water so much.  PLUS THEN IT TAKES LONGER FOR THE WATER TO GET COLD AGAIN. Basically just don't drink it.

I love "candid" pictures. Especially the ugly laughing ones that you can't help but laugh at and love even more than anything you have yet to love before.

I hate compliments. I don't believe them and think that you are just looking for something in return. It is a terrible thing to think. I mean I like compliments. But I wont believe you. Not until you prove it to me that you actually give a dang.