Thursday, July 23, 2015


I am beyond happy w/ the way my life is going right now. I have control over how I handle things and situations and I could not be more blessed w/ the situations that I am in. Don't get me wrong, definitely still have trials, but it is completely up to me how I decide to react to everything. LIfe is such a spectacular thing and I take it for granted. So much that I am blessed with I over look and don't realize how big of a blessing it really is. Such as having my own car. My poor PT hit the dust a couple of weeks ago and I had to put so much of MY OWN money into it until we decided it wasn't worth it. It was beyond frustrating paying so much money for things that didn't even fix my baby. But that is just it, its just money and there was nothing that I could do to change it. Plus hey, now I get to drive my dads nice car around until he finds me a new one!! It really works out and was well worth the dough. 
I made a new friend! Now I have been acquaintances w/ my good pal Ab since I moved here but we just never hung out! Good 'ol singles ward started our friendship and I will be forever grateful for those awkward few hours every sunday that was able to introduce me to one of my favorite people. I love the ever ending possibilities of people coming and going into and out of your life. I was definitely supposed to become BFFs w/ Ab. Completely thankful for her stories, outgoing nature, lack of selfie taking abilities(hahahah), and laugh until I almost cry stories. S/O to making friends that you need when you need them. 
Boys. Who needs 'em. I think the reason why I have had such a terrific summer so far is because I haven't had this image of the perfect summer fling planned out. I actually make things happen and hang out with people that I feel comfortable around. It makes everything so much more enjoyable when I go out and make things happen. I could not be any less scared of making plans and following through with them. Actually putting myself out there and doing things outside of my comfort zone has been such a blessing. & obviously my "dream boy" w/ come flolicking around sooner or later. But in the mean time I am living up my last summer at home.
BYU IDAHO. "Oh I went there when it was Ricks!" Every adult that has ever asked me what college I am going to. I could honestly not be more excited to start my new adventures in a different state. I don't even move in until a few weeks after everyone else, and it may seem weird now but I know that I am suppose to be home for that time longer. It is not on my time scale, but the Lords, and you never know what may happen in the mean time! 
I am thankful for life. The opportunities that come and the people that go. I am so lucky to have lived in such a great place and have a job so close to home. I have learned and been pushed past my comfort zone only the whole time living here. I am so sad/ anxious to leave one of the most beautiful, calming places that I have had the opportunity to call home. Don't take anything or anyone for granted and just LIVE NOW. I love summer. I love you. Wait what. 
Have the best rest of the week and don't forget that you are something else. 
much love. 

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