Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pictures are a necessity

Going on drives, screaming out song lyrics, while bawling is the best remedy to every fight, hard day, boredom, and simple not having anything better to do. 
I will never get tired of trees without leaves, mountains with snow, and sunsets that are lemonade yellow/gold. 

I love those three lines. Consistent and always in the way one my pictures. Three telephone lines that could be symbolic of so many things if I just cared. I want to live a life that is full of telephone lines. As a reminder of what I have overcome and even though we all have trials, when you make the best of them they complete the picture. 

I will absolutely never get tired of seeing "harmless" deer just doing their thing while I am doing mine. Often times I get to see deer just behind the fence w/ their cute little gang wandering the mountains that I get to call home. I was actually outside about to take pictures of myself, "selfies", when I saw this little guy. He/ she takes better half face pics than I could ever imagine for myself. Lol. I love where I live and the things that I am open to when living in the middle of no where.

Rearview mirrors are so great. I think its okay to look back and realize how your life was at one point. Because it was apart of you and it shaped you and made you into who you are today. But you can't go back. Things won't be the same, and thats the beauty of it. Life moves on with or without you. Its your choice, ya feel? 
I will never get bored of Mountains and trees and the lack of yellow paint this street holds. 

Things I will never tell you

I love being alone. I can, and often times do, sit in the hot tub for hours just reading and not worrying about everything that I should be doing.

I hate going inside fast food. I don't know why but I can't stand just going out, eating food, and being out in the open for everyone to see me and judge me eating my food. It's not with everyone, all the time though. Mostly with the fam, like I would rather just get the food and go. Not sit and rush everything so I could get out of the awkward situation. Weird.

I love card games. Mostly because I can and do whoop TRASH. I mean its fun playing people who are good at the games as well, which makes it twelve times better when I win. Definitely not competitive or prideful at all.

I do not open up to people. Everyone has their own problems and I feel anything but comfortable burdening people with my pointless, daily, crap.

I get shot gun. Always. It is an unwritten rule. It is where I belong and it is where I will always sit. I mean I won't be a dirt bag if someone sits there but just don't.

I beat myself up with everything. Not physically, emotionally, or mentally. But like crying. LOL. I have such high expectations for myself that it is not possible for me to be satisfied. I can always do better, and when I don't give 110% I don't forget it. It pushes me to be the best.

My family is a mess.

I hate driving. It gives me anxiety and I would much rather be in the passenger seat taking pictures that no one will ever see. Jamming to good tunes and just bonding about the most pointless things. I live for bonding.

If you drink the water bottles that I put in the fridge and don't fill them up than I will find you and make you fill it up. That is the absolute worst part of loving water so much.  PLUS THEN IT TAKES LONGER FOR THE WATER TO GET COLD AGAIN. Basically just don't drink it.

I love "candid" pictures. Especially the ugly laughing ones that you can't help but laugh at and love even more than anything you have yet to love before.

I hate compliments. I don't believe them and think that you are just looking for something in return. It is a terrible thing to think. I mean I like compliments. But I wont believe you. Not until you prove it to me that you actually give a dang.