Thursday, May 7, 2015


1. If all of our families wouldn't have moved when they did then my entire high school experience would have been entirely different. So so so thankful for the example and inspirations that these girls are to me.
2. Sometimes it is okay to take pictures for an hour instead of doing homework, because I guarantee that you won't remember the assignment that you did a month ago.
3. temples trips and farrs is the perfect combination to end a hard week.
4. Having friends that you can bond w/ & laugh w/ are the greatest things.
5. No matter where we go in life or where we end up we will always be the three new girls who ended up being the three best friends.
So thankful for the trials that I have in my life and the people that they lead me to. Everything is happening so fast and I will be out of here in 126 days, so here is to an unforgettable summer and a billion pointless/fantastic memories with my favorite soon to be seniors.

seventeen year old, eighteen in 21 days,

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