Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy Happy Happy Happy Girl

I am so so so grateful for this life and for all of the numerous opportunities and friends and places that come into my life. What would I do if I never met Abigail? Or if I didn't live across the street from Mariah and Jana and Patti and Shane?!? I think that everything happens for a reason. How cliche is that? But it is so so true. Whether it is to help me grow or to make me learn a lesson, I need experiences and people in my life for one reason or another. Let me make a list for you, because lists make everything better. 

1. Smiling. IT IS SO UNDERRATED. Please don't forget how cool it is to smile at people that you will never see again. You have absolutely nothing to lose. 

2. Donuts. Momma Cry Cry hooked me up this morning and I could not be more content or ready to take on the world after that chocolate fourth of july sprinkled covered piece of heaven. Go bring your friend a donut, it will make there good day great.

3. Pandora. There is almost nothing better than when you find a good pandora station filled w/ songs that you don't know yet are completely content with. Aka the Bon Iver radio station.

4. Car rides. Took a bonding trip around town w/ my dog, see picture, and it was great. It is so overlooked, bonding & dogs & car rides. Definitely something that will be happening more often. 

5. GOOD FRIENDS. I have been able to make new friends and greater establish and build old friendships. I am so sure that I am suppose to have these people in my life for a reason. There is just something so great about knowing that you have cool people w/ good vibes in your life. 

6. Naps. How old/young does that make me sound? Don't know what my sleeping schedule would do w/o a nap or five thrown in the mix. 

7. Lightening. While at the drive ins w/ a cute boy & good friends & food. There is just something about watching a disney movie w/ sparks flying and thunder in the background. 

8. Climbing. SO SO SO HARD. It has been two days since my first time climbing and I'm still sore. So obviously need to work on that. But it is the coolest feeling in the world, plus you are surrounded by hot way strong older boys. Double whammy. 

9. Netflix. Lets be honest. Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, The Office, you name it and I probably started it and haven't finished all seasons. 

10. Trees. I am so lucky to have lived where I do for as long as I have and be surrounded by nothing but nature. In love w/ trees and everything that they symbolize. 

Don't forget to have a great day & remember to do your best and be your best. 


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