Monday, April 6, 2015


17. I love kids. That sounds clique and something that everyone says, but honestly. I get along better with youngins and they don't intimidate me. I think that I like my friends siblings more than I actually like them. Lol, kidding, but its definitely a close call. I would rather jump on the tramp with my nephews then stay inside chatting with people that I wont talk to again in years. I volunteer at the elementary school, and being around those little fourth graders is the highlight of my week. Don't know what I would do if there weren't little people to make the world go round. 

16. My nails are always painted. Always. I think that my bare nails are the ugliest things. Even just having chipped fingernail polish on is better than nothing. AHH gel nails though. Hands down best/ favorite thing. They are heaven sent. Especially friends who do them for me. Love. 

15. I am indecisive. I will put in a movie and get through two previews before I decide that I no longer want to watch the movie. I am not one to make decisions when it comes to where to eat or what to do. Even when its narrowed down, it really takes a lot for me to have the final say with decisions. Deciding which college to attend, oh man. Don't even get me started. I would rather have people choose those simple, everyday things. 

14. My hair is ridiculously curly. Naturally. I have the biggest love/hate relationship with my hair and I find myself wanting to chop it about 4 times a day. There is nothing more messy or a necessity than long locks of frizz. <3 <3

13. Drives. I love everything about going on a drive. It is my go to whenever I am overwhelmed, stressed out, sad, bored, I go on a drive. Lately just being by myself, blasting mixed cds, and taking pictures (don't worry I'm super safe about it, lol.) is something that I depend on. Following the familiar roads where I know that I don't have to worry about traffic is the greatest. It is so comforting just being by myself in my cute PT. 

12. I sing. Not well, but often. It is such a struggle for me not to sing along to the radio no matter who I am with. So I just freaking sing the dang song because you know that I have every word memorized. Or else I fake it until I can pick up the gist and run with it. 

11. I am obsessed with social media. It is so unhealthy. I need a life. Lol. Kidding, but definitely something that I need to work on not being so attached to. 

10. Wear-er of all things funky. Literally get the, "Oh, I wish I could pull those off" type of comments all the time. Lol. I mean the whole comfy look is definitely what I cherish most my senior year of attire. Whether its overalls, chunky headbands, cheetah/ pj like pants, I probably own it and wear it with no shame at all. 

9.Can't get over laughing pictures. There is just something so great about the joy felt from looking through old pics where people are just laughing. I could not be more obsessed with a sound, or lack of, when someone is laughing so hard and genuinely. Also huge fan of weird, unusual patterned tights. Love love love. 

8. Outdoors. Camping, boating, fishing (tanning/ napping while others fish), four wheeling, I love it all. Huge fan of being outside and getting tan. It is so nice getting away from it all if only for a couple hours. I have been so in love with everything nature lately, and realizing that I live in the most beautiful place. Don't know what I would do without mountains and pictures to remember that I am truly blessed. 

7. Huge fan of getting letters in the mail. Or like books. Packages/ flowers would do too. Lol. But really. Getting home from a rough day to a letter is the biggest pick me up. Maybe that's something that I should start doing. Writing letters to people that mean a lot to me. GENIOUS. I mean do unto others what you want done unto you, right?! hehehe. Or something like that. 

6. Lover of braids, reading in the hot tub, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, trees, grasshopper shacks, water, sleepovers, talking on the phone, naps, pina colada Slurpees, spell check, chapstick, traveling, Netflix, selfies, people, & this beautiful life I get the opportunity to live. 

5. Twitter & instagram: brynalbert 
I mean I know that I will be wanting to look up what I posted too. Hahah. Plus I think that I have the sweetest insta pics and I could always use more followers/friends. 

4. Eater of Chick-fil-a and lover of bonding. I can not tell you how much I love not only the word "bond" but the act of actually getting to know a person better than I did originally. Plus I am always down to get some nuggets and fries from my favorite fast food. Lets go on a drive, bond, and get some food while we are at it. 

3. Believer and follower of the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I may not show it all the time, but I really do have a testimony of the gospel. It has been there as a constant source of comfort and blessings know matter where I am in my life. I can not tell you how grateful I am to be a part of something SO GREAT. It is such a blessing to know that there is a plan for me and that He knows who I am and what I go through. check it out if you want to learn more. 

2. I want to make a difference. More than anything, I want to have a positive influence on someone's life each day. I just want to be a good person that people can look up to and know that no matter what is there to be an example. I want to help out and be someone that others can admire. 

1. My name is Brynlee, Bryn, Dinney, Mayzer, Din, B, Brynlee May. I am so excited for this great adventure that this beautiful life has to offer. Thank you, thank you, thank you for reading. 

Much love,
your home girl, Bryn

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